Our mission is to reimagine how we compare and buy products and services by removing the friction involved in buying financial services and utility products, using customer data for good and automating mundane tasks

monva helps users make smart decisions, our next generation comparison platform finds users the right deal, every time

Our vision – Smarter Comparison. monva does the hard work and thinking for users to make comparing and buying as easy as possible, by providing access to smart comparison services.

We use artificial intelligence, machine learning and smart technology to find the user the right deal, every time

Senior Engineer / Tech Team Lead

To ensure the mission, vision and strategy as laid out by the Founders and CTO is executed effectively and comprehensively.

This is a hands-on technical and management style role (as the team grows) and one of the primary objectives will be to drive the “centre of excellence” concept across technology. The candidate will have the opportunity to bring their own ideas to the table and influence the shape of this as we grow the team. Initially the technology team will consist of the CTO, yourself and a senior frontend engineer with a view to growing the team after key foundational elements are defined and delivered. This role is instrumental in delivering the core foundations and architecture of our platform.

We are looking for a super talented, passionate individual with demonstrable technical capabilities who has a real eye for attention to detail. Someone who is OCD and opinionated (to a degree) about how code should be whilst being proficient in the art of code reviews.

You will work in a collaborative agile environment and have excellent verbal communication and reasoning skills with the confidence to enforce (in the nicest possible way) the core engineering values and processes.

In This Role You Will

  • Work closely with the Founders, CTO and product owners of monva to deliver the product / technology vision
  • Work closely with the CTO on the architecture of the platform
  • Be passionate about programming, web and app development, keeping up to date with changes in technology, with a technical background in Laravel and VueJS or ReactJS
  • Manage in a lean way, the day-to-day activities of the engineering team as it grows
  • Involved in growing the team as needed to meet product and platform needs
  • Lead from the front, seeking excellence in all engineering disciplines
  • Provide technical guidance and direction whilst being a hands-on resource
  • Responsible for feature deployment and the stability of the platform
  • Play a mentorship role, assisting others in their duties upon request and constantly promoting the growth of the teams’ professional skills
  • Work with non-technical stakeholders within the business to understand and refine complex requirements
  • Handling multiple, competing priorities in a fast-paced environment
  • Feedback with your expertise into product development and customer journey


  • Set the standards for development and help to implement automation of these
  • Development of a technical resource hub
  • Help define CI/CD pipeline for efficiency of delivery
  • Keep up to date with emerging tech, research and bring ideas and best practice to the team
  • Operate within the values and mannerisms of the company, namely:




monva mannerisms

Being present


Showing up

Being positive


Being victims

Finding solutions


Presenting problems

Positive action



Speaking up


Keeping quiet

Value the Customer


One off transactions

Rapid iteration


Long projects




Whatever it takes


The bare minimum

Key Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • An abundance of self-discipline is an absolute must
  • 5+ years of solid industry experience in a Senior Engineer/Tech Team Lead position
  • Experienced across the the full stack and a Polyglot by nature
  • You will be experienced with Laravel 6+ (ideally 7), lumen micro-framework and NodeJS frameworks
  • Willingness to learn new languages and technologies if the problem domain requires it
  • You will be experienced working with at least one JavaScript framework (VueJS/ReactJS) in such a capacity to lead a frontend engineer and have meaningful solution, code structure and review discussions
  • You will have strong MySQL knowledge and experience of working with large datasets
  • Strong understanding of asynchronous messaging technologies when and how to apply them
  • Strong Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and understanding of SOLID & DRY principles
  • A passion for clean code with the ability to critique it in a clear understandable way
  • In depth understanding of design patterns, when and how to apply them
  • Micro-services & Event driven architectures concepts and practices
  • Vast experience in the building both consumer and developer facing platforms and services including APIs
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of software engineering practices such as CI/CD/TDD, instrumentation and telemetry
  • Working with git and GitHub projects for agile delivery
  • Markdown for design, documentation and usage guidelines
  • Knowledge and use of AWS services (lambda, elasticache, SQS etc.)
  • Knowledge of Serverless environments a benefit
  • Any knowledge of creating or using bot frameworks or technology a benefit
  • Any knowledge of Laravel forge, Laravel vapour or Statamic CMS a benefit


    • Competitive Salary
    • Pension
    • 25 Days Annual Leave
    • Birthday day off
    • Flexible working options (ad hoc, flexi-time and working from home etc.)

To apply for the Senior Engineer/Tech Team Lead role, please send your CV and covering letter to recruitment@monva.co.uk