We’re on a mission to reimagine how we compare and buy products and services by removing the friction involved in buying financial services and utility products, using customer data for good and automating mundane tasks. monva helps users make smart decisions, our next generation comparison platform connects users to the right deal, every time.

We’re calling an end to Dumb Comparison

Using price comparison sites is hard work.

For 20 years price comparison sites have been the most powerful way for consumers to get a good deal on finance, insurance and utilities.

The model is predicated on the user doing the hard work, built on a noisy, icon led marketplace.

We think the market is ready for change – 80% of UK Adults have either never switched a product or service, or switched only once.

Outside of insurance, key verticals remains largely underpenetrated

How Monva works

We are in an era of hyper personalisation and managed services, with demand for generation now services. The old transactional price comparison model is not enough to keep users returning, or strong enough to convince generation now users to start using. High cost/low retention acquisition is vulnerable to competition shouting louder.

Smart Data – Smart Journeys – Focus on Service, Retention, Automation – Smart Customers – Smart Partnerships



Smart technology finds you the right deal every time. Smart results based on your needs and preferences and other information you provide. Smart switching and renewals.



Our Smart Assistant means an end to forms! Mo answers your questions when needed. Monva works behind the scenes bringing you new deals and offers based on your personal information.



Smart information – Monva tells you what you need to know. An unbiased calm authority, no opera singers, mattel toys, meerkats or sports coaches. Smart control of data – open and transparent.

Our Brands


monva blends smart technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning with customer data and partner offers to create hyper personalised customer solutions

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Loanbuzz addresses the £200million per year rate shock that impacts UK customers. Through our truerateTM loan comparison.

Move My Energy

Move My Energy provides energy comparison services to UK consumers saving customers on average £360 per year.

Instaloan / Same Day Cash Loan

For users who are unable to borrow money via traditional lenders, we provide solutions for users looking for £100 – £5,000 over shorter terms, generally up to 36 months.

The Monva Team

With over 50 years combined history leading innovation in price comparison and financial services, the founding Directors are ideally place to lead and deliver the next generation of price comparison and financial services.

Steve Wiley

Chief Executive Officer

Steve is a unique digital leader. A financial services career professional with significant experience gained with major UK and US blue-chip companies in banking, consumer lending, payments and financial price comparison services sectors. With an exceptional track record of delivering commercial growth and innovation, and a focus on delivering value for customer and business.

Steve has held leadership roles and led innovation in many of the UK’s leading financial organisations including MoneySupermarket Group, MoneyExpert.com, MBNA/Bank of America, Barclays, and Phones4U group.

Stuart Wakefield

Chief Operating Officer

Stuart is our operational leadership wizard. In his career spanning multiple financial services environments, he has built strong collaborative industry partnerships and was personally responsible for international expansion into Australia, Dubai and USA.

Stuart has held leadership roles at some of the best known financial services brands, such as Lloyds Banking Group, RBS Group and MBNA/Bank of America; as well as innovative fintech organisations and challenger banks.

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We’re on a mission to reimagine how we compare  and buy products and services by  removing the friction involved in buying financial services and utility products, using customer data for good and automating mundane tasks.

Monva helps users make smart  decisions, our next generation  comparison platform connects users  to the right deal, every time.


MONVA does the hard work and thinking for users to make comparing and buying as easy as possible, by providing access to smart comparison services.

We use artificial intelligence, machine learning and smart technology to find the user the right deal, every time

By 2022, we will be a go-to platform for lending comparison services, and a trusted provider of other comparison and connected financial management tools.


Monva mannerisms

Far be it from us to tell you how to be, but if you want to work at monva, we set the bar high. With a focus on collaboration, getting things done and delivering value to the Customer and the business, monva is a results oriented, goal driven business.

As an insight on what it takes to work here, take a look at the level of expectation we set for ourselves and each other.

Being present


Showing up

Being positive


Being victims

Finding solutions


Presenting problems

Positive action



Speaking up


Keeping quiet

Value the customer


One off transactions

Rapid iteration


Long projects




Whatever it takes


The bare minimum

Think you’ve got what it takes? Get in touch!