We’re on a mission to reimagine how we compare and buy financial services and utility products using customer data for good and automating mundane tasks

Monva's next generation money saving platform helps customers Compare With Confidence

The way people buy financial services needs to change

Price comparison sites were at the forefront of the digital revolution in financial services.

However, innovation has slowed, and the transactional model outdated, predicated on the user doing the hard work, built on a noisy, icon led marketplace.

Auto Switching and Personal Financial Management tools have  only exacerbated the problem for Customers with inappropriate offers and services being promoted. 

Many users lack confidence in making financial decisions,  are looking for greater personalisation and support. 

We think the market is ready for change with 80% of UK adults having never switched a product or only switched once and trust in the larger price comparison services sitting at just 38%

Product providers have continued to innovate but standard rate comparison tables stifle the ability to fully represent the innovation. 

Technology has evolved and with it the opportunity to transform the way financial services are bought by users. 

How Monva works



Our Smart Assistant Mo, combined with data re-use means less forms making it easier to compare and buy. Automated renewal offers in Credit Cards and Energy Switching takes the hassle of searching away, saving time and money.



A unique personalisation layer based on user data, eligibility technology and user preferences provides personalised results and offers. Monva's online dashboard provides easy access to offers. Our Ai recommender enhances cross sell.



Proactive engagement through Mo, our Money Virtual Assistant. Mo highlights important product features as well as price creating an integrated end to end customer experience. Supportive content provides customer insights to help decision making.


Leadership Team

Monva’s founding Directors have over 50 years combined history leading innovation in fintech, price comparison and financial services

Steve Wiley Monva

Steve Wiley

Chief Executive Officer

Steve is a financial services career professional with an exceptional track record of delivering commercial growth and innovation, and a focus on delivering value for customer and business.

Steve has held leadership roles and led innovation in many of the UK’s leading financial organisations including MoneySupermarket, MoneyExpert, MBNA, Barclays, and Phones4U.
Stuart Wakefield

Stuart Wakefield

Chief Operating Officer

Stuart's career spans multiple financial services environments having held leadership roles at Lloyds Banking Group, RBS Group, MBNA, Virgin Money, Tuxedo Money and Chetwood / Livelend

Simon Dawson - Monva CTO

Simon Dawson

Chief Technology Officer

Simon has a proven track record in Fintechs, taking initial concepts through to full product build with the foundations necessary for future growth. He is passionate about technology and creating high performing, self organising teams.

Simon has held leadership and senior technology roles at MoneySupermarket, PayBreak, Jaguar, Ford and IBM.